"It All Began With A Simple Idea...That We Could Help People!"




Female Scientist


We started DermaLoch with one goal. We wanted to help people. We wanted to do our bit & improve lives. Having skin confidence is so important. Feeling good in our skin helps us feel good about ourselves & feeling good with who you are is a major step closer to happiness.

With a dedicated family team, with over 50 years combined experience in the skincare industry. We strive to provide you with truly unique skin 

nourishment sprays and moisturisers derived from the 

finest natural ingredients. 


"We Care About You"

Dermaloch is committed to making the most effective and natural skincare moisturisers. The Dermaloch formulas have been moisturising peoples skin for over 10 years.

We believe in the principles of homeostasis – the self-healing capacity of the skin, which is dependent on the supply of high quality nutrients. This is why we only use the finest natural oils and extracts to ensure your skin receives the optimum levels of as many nutrients as possible. 

In creating our products, we work hard to avoid any synthetics widely accepted in most of the skin and cosmetics industries.

We are your long-term and sustainable solution to a healthy and balanced skin.

We care about you and about your skin,  so please email us for advice. We know every skin is different so we are happy to help!