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Ingredient Spotlight; Jojoba Oil

First utilised by the Native Americans who extracted oil from jojoba seeds to treat sores and wounds. Jojoba oil was quickly noticed by early settlers. Decades later began the collection and processing of the seed from naturally occurring plants and marked the beginning of jojoba, commercially, in the early 1970s.

Jojoba has a rich history, firstly as a Native remedy and unusually in 1943, as war materials grew scarce in the U.S, jojoba oil was used as an additives in motor oil, transmission oil and oil for machine guns. Overall, it was used as a replacement for whale oil and machinery oils.

The Plant Itself...

Being derived from a plant that is slow growing and difficult to cultivate, jojoba oil is mainly used for small-scale applications such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics. The processed oils from the seed contains a high proportion of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, primarily 11-Eicosenoic acid (Gondoic acid). This means Jojoba oil is found as an additive in many cosmetic products, especially those striving to be all natural with their ingredients. In particular, such products commonly containing jojoba are lotions and moisturisers, hair shampoos and conditioners. The pure oil itself may also be used on skin, hair, or cuticles.


Jojoba oil helps retain moisture in the skin thereby keeping the skin hydrated and looking fresh. Jojoba oil helps moisturise the skin, without impeding the skins ability to breath and clogging the pores, allowing for a healthy skin type. In addition, it also prevents the buildup of bacteria in the pores of the face, which tend to cause blackheads and breakout of acne.

The essential vitamin profile present in Jojoba oil help greatly reduce wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing. Since jojoba contains no harmful chemicals it can be used as part of one’s daily grooming routine in many ways.

The harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can cause various problems. One of the primary victims of these harmful rays are our skin. But there are enough ways to prevent your skin from the nasty sun burns too. Jojoba oil applied on full body makes a good natural alternative to harsh sun screen creams.

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